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AG Accounting Solutions LTD provides range of accounting and tax services including accountancy outsourcing services to UK accountants. We work closely with other accountancy practices around UK and build reliable and trust-worthy relationship to deliver excellent services in timely manner. We are first choice for accountancy practices looking for ways to increase their profitability and operational efficiency.

Our qualified and trained staff provide tailored services as per the need of the client. We ensure that all staff members involved in the accounting and tax work are either fully or part qualified chartered accountants and fully trained in UK reporting requirements. All accounting and tax work is reviewed by manager/partner upon completion to ensure highest quality service at all times.

How does outsourcing work?

At AG Accounting Solutions LTD, we ensure that our clients are guided through the setup of the setup process.

Our manager/partner will visit your premises and explain the outsourcing process from establishing a service agreement to completion of service. We will offer you an insight into how our other clients have set up their internal systems to adapt to using an outsourcing service. We will offer advice and practical solutions to meet the need of your business. We will offer training for you and your team to organise and setup this new way of working.

Once you are setup and operational, we are always available to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

Outsourcing Process

Our outsourcing process ensure smooth operation from start of a job till it is completed and delivered to our client.

Step 1

  • You will need to ensure that all client checks are completed before the start of engagement.
  • You will receive the client details and records.
  • You will need to send us the required details & records either digitally or by post along with a list of tasks to be completed for each job.
  • You will need to advise us of the fees charged to your client.

Step 2

  • We will receive the client details and records from you.
  • We will check the details and records against the task list to ensure all documents are received to complete the work. (We will get back to you if any further information required.)
  • A confirmation will be sent to you confirming the above.

Step 3

  • We will allocate the work to our team member with list of tasks sent by you.
  • Once work is completed by the team member, it will be reviewed by manager or partner to ensure accuracy.
  • After review, completed work will be sent to you as agreed with list of tasks carried out in timely manner.

Step 4

  • You will need to review our completed work.
  • You can return the work back to us if any final adjustments are required; or
  • You can send the completed work to client for approval and confirmation.
  • Once client has approved, you can notify us to submit or file the records to HMRC or Companies House.
  • A confirmation will be sent to you after submission.

Data Security & Communication

We know most people are worried about data security and information communicated via internet specially when financial information is at stake.

We take data security and information sent to us very seriously and we have strict protocols to secure and protect your personal and financial data. Any data which is sent or received digitally (email, cloud file sharing etc.) must be password protected (password is set at the start of engagement).

We ensure that all client data is stored on our secure servers in the UK. All data in our office in secured in a locked cabinet and all computers are password protected. We have strict data protection policy in place which in line with GDPR 2018.

All communication sent to our stakeholders via agreed methods of communication (phone, email, post etc.). We would encourage all formal communications are done via email. However, any urgent matters can be communicated using other methods. We aim to respond to all communications same day or latest within 24 hours.

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