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Tax Investigations & Advice

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Tax Investigations

Tax Investigations & Advice

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Tax investigations are carried out by HMRC if they believe a business have not presented a true and accurate information in their tax returns to HMRC. Also, it is not always necessary that HMRC need a reason to investigate a business. Therefore, potentially all individuals & businesses are at a risk of tax investigation.

HMRC Tax compliance checks requires individuals & businesses to present the information related to their business to the tax officials.

What does HMRC check during the investigation?

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will either write or phone to say what they want to check. This could be:

  • any taxes you pay
  • accounts and tax calculations
  • your Self Assessment tax return
  • your Company Tax Return
  • PAYE records and returns, if you employ people

If you have an authorised agent or accountant then HMRC will contact them instead.

Tax Investigations Accountants

At AG Accounting Solutions LTD, we provide tax agent service to all our clients and we deal with HMRC investigations for compliance on your behalf.

As a Tax Investigations Accountants, we ensure that all our clients are paying right amount of taxes while complying with all statutory & regulatory requirements. We use HMRC tested and recognised software to file tax returns which analyse the tax returns prior to submission to avoid any discrepancies & errors.

HMRC will issue fines or penalties if you do not submit the tax returns on time but appointing us as your authorised accountant, we ensure that all your tax returns and other compliance checks will be completed on time without any delay.

Our professional & experienced staff will give you right advice on the tax matters and help you pay the correct amount of tax and claim all available tax reliefs to minimise the tax liability.

Get in touch with us before it is too late.

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