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Update on 64-8 Agent Authorisation Form

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Update on 64-8 Agent Authorisation Form

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New 64-8 agent authorisation form
From 31‌‌‌ ‌‌March 2022, new clients will need to use a new 64-8 Agent Authorisation Form to give authorisation for you to deal directly with us on their behalf. 

Existing clients do not need to re-authorise their current relationship. 

How to access the new form
You’ll be able to download the new agent authorisation form online from 31‌‌‌ ‌‌March 2022. To do this, go to GOV.‌‌‌‌UK and search ‘Tax agents and advisers: authorising your agent (64-8)’.

Changes to the 64-8 form
The new version of the agent authorisation form is designed to give our customers a better experience and improve data protection. 

It allows customers to state which tax regime they want you to access. The form also includes new guidance for customers on how to fill in the form correctly and what data they are agreeing to share with you as their agent.

We’ll phase out the current 64-8 form from Autumn 2022
We’ll write to you closer to the time with a specific date. 

After this date, we’ll only accept the new version of the 64-8 agent authorisation form and reject any authorisation requests sent using older versions of the form. 
Source: HM Revenue & Customs